Farm Boys DVD (S)

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Farm Boys really know how to work and play hard, but what exactly is it that would keep a young boy down on the farm these days? Could it be the exhilaration of outdoor living or working with your hands in the dirt? Or could it be the lure and sexual attraction of other hot young farm boys? That would certainly seem to be the case with the guys in Farm Boys. Shot in the English countryside, these rural-living guys suck and fuck just like guys everywhere else, maybe even better as eight hot young English blokes romp through five sizzling scenes. The first has Kyle Martin and Jonny Long flip-flop fucking in a hay pile. Kyle works his way into the second scene sitting on the ground outside a trailer with Leo Mack. It doesn't take long for the duo to utilise a work break to dive into sex. An incredibly sexy go on top of a tractor has Leo James driving his big beauty over and over into Matt Jackson. Then shaggy-haired Scott whips out his big dick, Nath switches to sit on it instead. The grand finale takes place in a just-emptied hay truck with Leo Mack and Matt Jackson recurring in a threeway with Steve Strong.
Kyle Martin, Leo Mack, Matt Jackson, Leo James, Scott Write, Nath Davies, Steve Strong, Johnny Long 
Keith Miller
Vereinigte Staaten
80 Minuten

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